Other things I’ve observed #4: Food/ No preservatives, how many sandwiches can I possibly eat, and England’s Indian food is like the South’s Mexican food.


  • I’ve probably eaten more sandwiches since I’ve been in London that I’d ever eaten prior to coming. There are sandwiches everywhere and they’re super cheap.  My favorite sandwiches are from EAT. Yummy!
  • I’ve also noticed that the Indian food here is delicious whereas it’s a bit mediocre back home. The exact opposite applies to the Mexican food here. It’s bland and back home it’s my favorite food! Could it be a geographical deal? Probably. I’ve also noticed that nachos aren’t so great here. I know it technically goes into the Mexican category, but how does one mess up corn chips and cheese? I do not understand. The food here is pretty, but it just doesn’t hit the spot. I honestly would prefer Taco Bell of most of the Mexican spots here.
  • I knew that England doesn’t use nearly as many preservatives, if any, as the U.S., but I was not expecting to have to buy food daily because it would spoil so quickly. I love fruit. I could eat it all day. Most of the fruits in the markets here expire the very next day or say that they are still edible but are extremely soggy. I miss waking up early in the morning and grabbing a handful of firm grapes. It’s the little things we take advantage of.
…just a few things I’ve observed.

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