Other things I’ve observed #5: Ben and Jerry’s and Other Ice Cream


Every major pizza chain will deliver a pint of Ben and Jerry’s with your order! I am in Heaven! This would be perfect if they had my favorite flavor, Americone Dream. Ben and Jerry’s is my favorite ice cream brand and it seems that the company sponsors every theater and cinema here. It’s beautiful! I haven’t seen any flavors over here that aren’t offered back home, but I’m keeping an eye open.

There’s also ice cream and gelato on every corner. I don’t see how the people here stay skinny. I understand that they walk a lot more than I do back home, but there is no way I could be around this much ice cream permanently and not be obese. I’ve slowly seen more and more Dip-n-Dots machines in theaters in the U.S., but the day that we start selling Ben and Jerry’s at the concession will be the happiest day of my life! I have a serious addiction to ice cream. I know I need help. I don’t need you to tell me.

…just a few things I’ve observed.




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