What I’ve Observed About British Media #3


The media has tried to create personalities for each member of the Royal Family, particularly Prince Harry and Prince William. I’ve noticed that now that William is married and has started a family, the media focuses more on his children than him. Also, Prince Harry is starting to be portrayed as more of a serious person since he has turned 30 and his brother is married.

I’ve compared older articles and interviews of Harry and William to more recent ones, and reporters like to focus more on Harry’s positive side nowadays. The media no longer has the ability to create stories along the lines of ‘Good Brother vs Rebellious Brother,’ which has previously been its money maker. It also feels a little as if Harry is not really involved with the Royal Family anymore. There are mostly articles about the family and then articles about him serving his duty as a prince in Africa, continuing his mother’s legacy.

I’ve just found it amazing how much Britain is obsessed with the Royal Family.




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