What I’ve Observed About British Media #4


London Evening Standard

The Evening Standard has every bit of news you could possibly need for the day…really the week. There’s a political section, a celebrity news section, fashion, etc.

I usually don’t enjoy reading newspapers, but the Evening Standard is a lot more appealing to me than the usual paper. I believe it’s because the paper uses more color. There’s color on every page of the Evening Standard.

The paper was designed for you to read from start to finish and not skip through the pages. It starts with breaking news, of course, slowly transitions into celebrity news and gossip, goes into hard news, speaks of the royals, and then you have sports. It’s a really great balance. It helps me not to grow tired, or even depressed while reading the news. Newspapers in the States have entertainment as well, but it doesn’t seem as balanced as the Evening Standard.

I’ve also seen that some papers include a venting column where individuals can write about someone to saw on the tube but didn’t have the chance to speak to. I love it! There’s a column on Reddit like that, but it’s nothing like having a venting column in print! I love it!!! It’s a lot better than reading about the “mugshot of the week.”




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