Wingardium Leviosa!


I traveled to the Warner Brother’s studio Monday to go on a Harry Potter tour. It was an excellent end to my trip in Europe.

Just getting to the studio was a process in itself. My tour time was at 6:00, but I needed to leave Waterloo by 3:45 to get to the proper train station in order to get to the studio. My classmate Darrin and I arrived at 5:15 and thought that we were way too early, but as it turns out we didn’t get to the front of the line to enter the tour until about 5-10 minutes to our scheduled time.

I thought it would be a quick 30-minute-tour, but it wasn’t. I spent THREE hours touring the Harry Potter Studio and it was “wicked!” (Yes, I just quoted Ron Weasley. Get over it.)


The tour began with a short intro by Daniel, Rupert, and Emma. It set me into a nostalgic mood and I began a mega Harry Potter fan all over again.



The tour was full of staged scenes from the movie such as when Ron and harry first met on the Hogwarts Express and when Nagini (Voldemort’s snake) attacked a woman at Malfoy’s Manor. The tour reminded me how dark the films actually were and how huge of an influence they had on my childhood. One of my best friends and I met in 6th grade because we noticed that we had matching Harry Potter folders.
The studio was filled with people of all ages. Both parents and kids were excited about the tour. I feel sorry for the kids who weren’t able to grow up with Harry Potter the way I did. It’s amazing to age with both the characters and the actors. Touring the studio reminded me of how obsessed I was with the series! I can only imagine how psyched I would have been if I’d gone on the tour 5-years-ago.


Dean Thomas’ bed!!!


The adorable animal actors of the Harry Potter series!


Off to Hogwarts on the Hogwarts Express!


There’s no beer like butterbeer!


Where it all started.


Ahhh! Aragog!!!
Buckbeak, my favorite Hippogriff.


The best newspaper ever.



Hogsmeade. The red shop is the Weasley’s shop!




I am so happy I made the time to tour the studio. The Harry Potter series is what started my obsession with British culture and I probably wouldn’t have signed up for this class if it hadn’t been for it. I think I’m going to go and have an HP movie marathon now…



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