This Train Terminates At: Waterloo (short update)


It’s been roughly a month since I returned from the UK and I miss a little piece of it with each day. Although I’m happy to finally be home with my family and dogs, there’s nothing like being able to walk anywhere you want to go.

Yes, most places I needed to get to were at least a 20-minute walk away, but it was possible in England’s glorious weather. I almost faint just walking to my car in Mississippi! It was 100 degrees the day I arrived but it felt like every bit of 110! On the bright side, my water intake has increased significantly!

I’ve begun my final semester of school and all of my emotions are settling in. I’m conflicted in every way. Do I leave my family and head back to England like I’ve always dreamed? Should I stay in the States to attend graduate school? Should I stay at the same university for graduate school? Do I even want to go to graduate school?

These same questions race through my mind every day. I feel like school has only prepared me to be a professional student and the fear of what comes next is building as graduation approaches.

Don’t get me wrong! I am excited to have made it through school and I can’t wait to walk across that stage. I’m sure it’s just the senior blues catching up with me during the first month of school.

Anyways, I was unable to write for my school’s newspaper this semester because of complications with another on-campus job, so I am blogging my way through this semester! You can keep up with me on Twitter as usual, or you can follow me on my new blog!

Thanks again for following me through my European adventure!




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